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Th[e] introductory intertitle, […] allows us to read in Sunrise (1927), far more than its inconsistent “philosophical” pretext, its major signifying articulations – namely, an in order of appearance: dramatis personae, but not characters in the traditional sense (the absence of names reduces the introduction of individuals to pure roles, networks of functions and attributes); time, but not history (the narrative refuses any relation to a real chronology, any temporality beyond the segmentation on which it is founded: the times of day); places, but not geography (purely fictive locations, referring to no extra-filmic reality); and finally the film’s tones, the curious “mix of genres” it produces.


The last couple of years, Sabzian celebrated its birthday around Valentine’s Day. From this year on, this festive night will be given a different form. For the first edition, the State of Cinema of 2018, Sabzian is honoured to welcome filmmaker Sarah Vanagt. She has chosen Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) by F.W. Murnau. The film will be accompanied by musician Seppe Gebruers.