Sat 20 Mar 2021, 0:00 to Sun 11 Apr 2021, 23:45
CC Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Niklaas

“‘Every spectator is a coward or a traitor.’ With that phrase, postcolonial thinker and freedom fighter Frantz Fanon encouraged taking action over passive watching. In 1969, Argentinian filmmakers Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino put those words on banners at screenings of their pamphlet film La hora de los hornos. While workers and students clandestinely watched these and other films under the military dictatorship, Solanas and Getino wrote the manifesto ‘Hacia un tercer cine’ [‘Towards a Third Cinema’], one of the most important texts in this film movement. From the 1950s on, Third Cinema spread from Latin America across the entire world.

The expo (Re)volver! illustrates how the militancy of these pioneers – ‘We must argue, we must invent!’ – lives through in the work of contemporary (video) artists. Opposing global capitalism, which replaced the old imperialism, Third Cinema looked for alternatives to Hollywood (First Cinema) and European arthouse scene (Second Cinema). What remains of that resistance? Does the slogan "there is no alternative" limit the horizon today?

(Re)volver! shows cinema and art as a weapon. Against injustice and inequality. Against indifference and ignorance. The title also contains the Spanish ‘volver’, to return. Because that is what many of the selected artists do with their works. Artists from the diaspora fully embrace their cultural roots or dive into history, find the future in their past and ask the audience not to remain impassive.”

Artists: Lazara Rosell Albear & Sammy Baloji, Michael Chanan, Saddie Choua, Eli Cortiñas, Mónica Delgado Chumpitazi, Enrique Ramírez, SEADS & Refu Interim, Fabio Wuytack, and a selection of film posters from the collection of EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Curators: Bjorn Gabriels & Ive Stevenheydens