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dagvorm_cinema is a new mini-cinema in the centre of Brussels, run by dagvorm films, a Brussels based film production collective. A venue with 22 comfortable chairs, they host regular screenings often combined with food. On November 17, they’ll screen Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Dekalog (1989), a television series of ten drama films, each one based on one of the Ten Commandments. This film will be paired with a Polish breakfast, lunch and diner. On December 13, they move to Ostend for a screening in collaboration with Monokino. At KAAP, two films will be shown: Oosteroever by Quinten Wyns (2017) and Mudar de vida (1966) by Paulo Rocha.

The name “dagvorm” is inspired by a quote from the film Herman Slobbe by Johan van der Keuken. The director ends the film with a personal statement about the main character Herman: “Alles in een film is een vorm. Ook Herman is een vorm. Tot kijk, aardige vorm!” / “Everything in a film is a form, Herman is a form. Goodbye, sweet form!”

You can find more information about the venue on their website.