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Exhibition Belgian Art Journal Variétés (1928-1930)

Between 30 November and 16 February, an exhibition on the Belgian art journal Variétés is on show in VANDENHOVE – Centre for Architecture and Art in Ghent. The exposition is curated by Steven Jacobs and Steven Humblet in collaboration with (former) students of Art History at Ghent University.

The exhibition sheds light on how the Belgian monthly, Variétés: Revue mensuelle illustrée de l’esprit contemporain (1928-1930), in a playful way combined works by leading art photographers such as Eugène Atget, Berenice Abbott, André Kertész, Germaine Krull, László Moholy-Nagy, Eli Lotar and Man Ray with reproductions of paintings, film stills, fashion or amateur photography, postcards, portraits and anthropological documentation. Next to original issues of the magazine, the exhibition includes about eighty vintage prints of photographs that were published in Variétés and are now part of the Amsab-ISG collection.

In the context of the exhibition, a series of lectures is organized on 6 and 13 December and 14 February. A symposium with international speakers takes place on Saturday 8 December.Varietes