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Sabzian Selects

Videodrome (David Cronenberg, 1983)

For the past six years, Sabzian has curated an agenda to provide our readers in Belgium and surroundings with a roadmap through the diverse range of local cinema listings, supporting a network of events, screenings and exhibitions that share and reveal the potential outlines of a cinephile fabric. For each film, a Film Page is created that unites information on the film with quotes from various sources, fragments of essays, reviews or interviews, woven together like a patchwork, hopefully inciting you to read further. In this way, a vast collection has grown, not only serving as a guide for screenings but also as an imaginary film library, encyclopaedically incomplete but resulting from subjective aspirations. Sabzian’s collection of Film Pages, thus, embodies a territory of possible screenings and gatherings, exchanges and conversations on cinema. Aside from screenings, those Film Pages are accessible on Sabzian through the director-tags, also available on the Search-page in alphabetical order. Now that we have to maintain physical distance and cinemas have closed down, our experience of cinema has become a solitary delight. But in this time of confinement, we can find our cinephile community in the non-endemic space of the online environment.

In the next weeks, Sabzian will select three films a week, available on online platforms, in an effort to propose imagined film-gatherings that can be attended by everyone, independent of their domicile. We will select open source films, but we will also guide you to some important online distribution platforms. 

You can find the selection in our Agenda!