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Dear reader,

This year Sabzian celebrates its fifth birthday. The website was founded in 2013 by a group of young Belgian filmmakers, combining their shared sense of a lack with the desire to invest in a thriving film culture. Films are not aimlessly adrift in an empty space, but radically embedded in our lives and our world. Using a variety of writing styles and a carefully selected agenda, Sabzian seeks to deepen the discourse and the imaginative capacity of cinema and visual culture. It aims to present a cinephile cartography of Belgium and its surroundings, and it provides a space for taking the viewing of and the reflecting on films seriously. Averse to projected certitudes, Sabzian envisions a continuous historiography of forms and fictions.

“Cinephilia does not simply consist in the act of watching films in the semi-darkness… It consists in not talking for an hour and a half, in the obligation to listen, the obligation to watch, and in making up for this delay in the hour and a half after the film ends. And if one has no one to talk to, one starts writing – that still is a way to talk.” – Serge Daney

Sabzian is a free online magazine and is carried by a group of volunteers. If you would like to support Sabzian financially, you can make a one-off or a structural donation by bank transfer or using PayPal.