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On March 25th, Bertrand Tavernier, one of the most versatile and foremost figures of French cinema, passed away at the age of 79.


Subversive Film, a curatorial collective that focuses on militant film practices, launches Resounding Archives, a podcast series featuring conversations with filmmakers, archivists, freedom fighters and activists about their work and participation in the liberation struggle for Palestine during the 1968-82 period. 

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On the occasion of the Out of the Shadows programme (originally conceived for the Courtisane festival 2020), Courtisane, Sabzian and KASK School of Arts compiled, edited and published the publication Out of the Shadows, focussing on the work of five Arab female film directors: Atteyat Al-Abnoudy, Selma Baccar, Assia Djebar, Jocelyne Saab and Heiny Srour. A copy of Out of the Shadows can now be ordered!