The French director of photography Pierre Lhomme passed away on 4 July, aged 89 years. In 1963 he makes Le joli mai with Chris Marker. He excells not only with Jean Eustache on La maman et la putain (1973) and Jean-Pierre Melville’s L’armée des ombres (1969) but also in his work for Alain Cavalier, James Ivory, Chris Marker, Marguerite Duras, Robert Bresson, Joris Ivens, Costa-Gavras, Eric Rohmer and many others.

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This year's edition of the Summer Film College in Antwerp (July 7–13) will focus on the lesser known and screened work of Roberto Rossellini, and the ‘other’ American cinema of the ‘Shady 80s’.

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A list of summer reads including recent and forthcoming books by Chantal Akerman, Luc Dardenne, Gilberto Perez and Kathleen Collins.

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An overview of the graduation screenings of the film schools in Flanders and Brussels.

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The Swiss critic and longtime director of the Cinémathèque in Lausanne, Freddy Buache, has passed away. 

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Rik Kuypers, een van de pioniers van de Vlaamse film is op 21 mei 2019 op 94-jarige leeftijd overleden.


IG Filmkultur is a coalition formed by numerous occupational groups and branches of film, whose purpose is to strengthen and preserve diversity in Austrian film culture. Upon the renewal of the advisory board of the Federal Chancellery’s film subsidy, Minister for the EU, Art, Culture and Media Gernot Blümel nominated an entire group of people to the film and festival council who, according to IG Filmkultur “are not suitably qualified for this vital assignment [...]”