Conversation with Wang Bing
Thu 29 Mar 2018, 18:00
Minard, Ghent
PART OF Courtisane Festival 2018

A tour through the body of work and practice of Wang Bing guided by film fragments.


“I think that the most interesting thing to do in films is not to create a story – in any case, I’m not the kind of director who sets out to create one. I prefer to look at people. If you look at an interesting person for a while, then you will realize that in that person’s life there is a very interesting story. When I meet someone and his or her story really attracts me, then I decide that I would like to make a film about him or her. When I decide that there’s something really beautiful about that person, and that his or her life really touches me, is the moment when I want to film.”

Wang Bing1