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I am looking for the poet’s language. I feel it, restless, like a promise. I reckon that if the language cultivates what is possible, horizons will open. I reckon that if certain poets and certain filmmakers make me euphoric, they do so through their intimate language. A rebellious and restless language. An archetypal language. A language that claws away and leaves its trace in me.

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« Mes films sont comme des fables, avec pour décor le réel. Ils empruntent la forme simple du journal intime et ils sont autobiographiques, puisqu'ils parlent très souvent de quête d'identité et de recherche d'origine, et que j'y apparais très souvent comme sujet, et comme personnage. »

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Stijn Coninx’ Niet schieten (2018) opent met de pancarte “Gebaseerd op waargebeurde feiten”. In de eindgeneriek staat iets anders: “Elke gelijkenis met bestaande personen of gebeurtenissen berust op louter toeval.” 

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“I’m fascinated by editing. It’s the part of filmmaking I love most. I could spend my whole life editing. I wouldn’t go out anymore. I would stop noticing the difference between day and night.” In 1988, Mart Dominicus and Mark-Paul Meyer conducted a conversation for Skrien with filmmaker Kira Muratova about her The Long Farewell (1971) and Brief Encounters (1968).

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The Parisian film school La Fémis uploaded a selection of their extensive archive of interviews, masterclasses and encounters with filmmakers such as Johan van der Keuken, Jean Rouch and Frederick Wiseman, to name but a few.

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Dirk Lauwaert 1975
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It is not a complicated or difficult film, rather a very simple and clean one. But it is not a natural, spontaneous film. The clarity and legibility of Jeanne Dielman is the result of self-discipline. In our culture clarity needs to be pragmatic-efficient, an argument needs to have the form of a road, including road signs. Force and energy need to be channelled into activist trajectories time and again, need to be labelled with a name and an address. Akerman slipped by and through all of that.

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Als kannibalen van de waarheid schrijven de overwinnaars hun geschiedenis en L’Espérance is duidelijk over wie won, wie verloor. Uit de openingswoorden van Combat au bout de la nuit “Grèce 20142016” spreekt zijn direct verlangen om een geschiedenis neer te schrijven.

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In Hong Sang-soo’s work there is a constant trait, which is neither really stylistic (it’s not a matter of form), nor frankly thematic (it’s not a matter of content either), and which returns, like a butterfly – and even, as its course is erratic, like a moth, the ultimate uncatchable insect. You will forgive me for calling this trait idiocy, a striking word that somehow touches the singular art, so difficult to describe in sentences, of this not exactly talkative filmmaker.