Corneille Hannoset

Corneille Hannoset
black room, white square, red armchairs

CINEMATEK has invited La Villa Hermosa, a Brussels design studio, to reinterpret the legacy of Corneille Hannoset. Hannoset was a talented graphic designer, known for his work for the former Film Museum and its graphic design that was adopted by the Royal Belgian Film Archive until 2010.

“In 1962, visual artist, graphic designer and scenographer Corneille Hannoset helped design the Musée du Cinéma alongside curator Jacques Ledoux and architect Constantin Brodzki. His graphic and spatial work was to forge the institution's identity in the Brussels public space until 2010, when the visual identity was overhauled. Through a series of montages of archive images, the graphic design studio La Villa Hermosa is examining the relationship between the Musée du Cinéma, its graphic and spatial identity and the aesthetic principles that underpinned its design, and graphic production in relation to the cultural, technical, visual and political context in which it was created.”
– La Villa Hermosa

The exhibition runs until May 31, 2024 and is free of charge during CINEMATEK opening hours.

CINEMATEK also publishes the book Corneille Hannoset, which brings together testimonies from relatives of Hannoset and documents that highlight the extensive production he created for the Royal Belgian Film Archive.

19 Apr 2024 - 31 May 2024