VAF Wildcards Filmlab: KASK meets LUCA

VAF Wildcards Filmlab: KASK meets LUCA

Every year, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) awards Wildcards to gra­du­a­ting film­ma­kers. Fourteen films were sub­mit­ted in the Filmlab cate­go­ry which repre­sents more expe­ri­men­tal work. The jury – this year con­sis­ting of Ruben Demasure, Sofie Verdoodt and Lázara Rosell Albear – awar­ded the pri­ze to Le taran­to­le dor­mo­no sot­to le pie­tre by Giada Cicchetti, but at the same time not­ed that, over­all, this new crop of film­ma­kers is coming up with strong and sig­ni­fi­cant work.

Art Cinema OFFoff pre­sents a per­so­nal selec­ti­on of Filmlab gra­du­a­ti­on films from KASK School of Arts Ghent and LUCA School of Arts Brussels. Meet a new gene­ra­ti­on embra­cing experimentation.

In the pre­sen­ce of all of the film­ma­kers: Loes Vanneste (KASK), Sirine Jendoubi (LUCA), Arnaud Casier (LUCA) and Max Ferguson (LUCA). Giada Cicchetti (KASK) will join onli­ne from Italy. 


Between Places (Loes Vanneste, 2023)
To My Future Child (Sirine Jendoubi, 2023)
Le tarantole dormono sotto le pietre (Giada Cicchetti, 2023)
La Mer (Arnaud Casier, 2023)
You Are the Truck and I Am the Deer (Max Ferguson, 2023)

18 Mar 2024 - 25 Jul 2024