Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run

A police officer in the future uncovers the deadly secret behind a society that worships youth.


Logan’s Run is a vast, silly extravaganza that delivers a certain amount of fun, once it stops taking itself seriously.”

Roger Ebert1


“Despite some dreary bits, Logan's Run isn't bad sci-fi and is an interesting exercise in what the future was thought to be like back in the 1970s: all high-tech and sanitized with clean and efficient energy, not the grungy dystopian futures depicted in films of the 1980s like Blade Runner and its ilk. Back then people still believed in a glitzier and better future...”

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“A case might be made that our son, who has only turned six recently, might be too young to appreciate or understand Logan’s Run, and maybe I should have held off on showing him this. However, we’ll be watching Star Wars in a couple of weeks, and I wanted him to have a little idea of what American science fiction films were like before George Lucas showed up and kiddified everything. He’s far too young to grasp the cerebral likes of 2001, Westworld, or The Andromeda Strain, and while Planet of the Apes is on the agenda for later this year, I still worry that film’s going to scare him quite a bit. (Which is why I postponed it until 2020 instead!) So I decided that Logan’s Run, despite the worrying premise of early death and fleeting glimpses of nudity, would serve as our example.”

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“The problem with introducing a film from the 70s to your Gen Z children is that they don’t understand that CGI wasn’t the beautifully flawless thing it is today. Yes, you little ingrates, that’s how laser guns sounded back in the 70s, okay! Deal with it.”

Lindsay Rae Brown4


“Bottom line? Logan’s Run is one of the big sci-fi films of the 70s. It is a more cerebral film, with many thoughtful tangents to muse over. It should be on the viewing list of any serious sci-fi fan. Younger viewers (born after 1970) need to cut the film some slack for being very 70s in style. Don’t kvetch over hair styles or fashions, or the non-CGI special effects. Get over it and get into the story instead. It’s worth it.”

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UPDATED ON 25.02.2023