Polish Films Freely Accessible Online

Recently the Polish Film Institute and Wytwόrnia Filmόw Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych (Documentary and Feature Film Studios), one of Poland’s oldest film studios, launched a new streaming platform entitled 35mm.online. The initiative is the final stage in a restoration project that aims to secure Poland’s film heritage for future generations by digitally reconstructing and digitizing a wide variety of historic films. The project has so far restored: 160 feature films, 71 documentaries, 474 animated films, including 10 full-length animated films. In addition to classics of Polish cinema, i.e. films by Wojciech Jerzy Has, Jerzy Skolimowski, Andrzej Munk, Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Janusz Morgenstern, Stanisław Różewicz, Kazimierz Kutz, Andrzej Kondratiuk, Lech Majewski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Feliks Falk, Filip Bajon, and many others, the website also showcases a list of animated films of high artistic value (e.g. Witold Giersz, Jerzy Kalina, Mirosław Kijowicz, Andrzej Czeczot), and animated series for children (e.g. the multi-generational series Reksio (1967-1990) and Porwanie Baltazara Gąbki (1969–1970). Last but not least, the project also includes the digitisation of 3108 unique editions of the Polish Film Chronicle from the years 1945-1994.

All the above-mentioned material (a stock of nearly 4000 film items) is freely available on the streaming platform 35mm.online.

Do widzenia, do jutra... [Goodbye, See You Tomorrow] (Janusz Morgenstern, 1960)

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