Belgian Premieres and Festivals / April 2024

If you notice a missing Belgian premiere or festival, please e-mail Ruben Demasure.

April 2 | Belgian premiere, Cinema Galeries, Brussels
April 3 | Belgian release
Thank God for the Gift (Luc Vrydaghs, 2024)
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April 10 | Belgian release
Il pleut dans la maison (Paloma Sermon-Daï, 2023)
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April 9-21 | Brussels Expo
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF)
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April 11 - May 3 | Belgian rerelease by Avila, present!
Golden Eighties (Chantal Akerman, 1986)
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April 15-21 | Studio Skoop, Gent
Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival 
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April 16-20 | Bibliotheek Tweebronnen, Leuven
DisABILITY Filmfestival
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April 18 - May 2 | Turnhout, Brugge, Sint-Niklaas, Lier, Beringen, Online
MOOOV film festival
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April 19-30 | Cinema ZED, Kinepolis, 30CC, M, Leuven
Afrika Film Festival
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April 24-30 | Sphinx Cinema, Gent; BUDA, Kortrijk; Cinema Cartoon's, Antwerpen; Cinema Lumière, Mechelen
cineMÁS film festival
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April 24 - May 4 | Flagey, Cinema Vendôme & Galeries, Brussels
Brussels Short Film Festival (BSFF)
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Image: Thank God for the Gift (Luc Vrydaghs, 2024)

Front image: Golden Eighties (Chantal Akerman, 1986)

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