Navire Argo: New Space for Photochemical Filmmaking in Paris

Navire Argo, a French non-profit organization, has plans to create a vibrant new filmmaker’s hub in the former Éclair laboratory near Paris, dedicated to preserving photochemical film. With a photochemical lab, run by artist-run film laboratory L’Abominable, and an 89-seat cinema, Navire Argo aims to provide a space for filmmakers, artists, and cinephiles to create, project, and share knowledge about analog filmmaking. Alongside its film related activities the space will also host workshops, professional training sessions, art installations, exhibitions, live performances, and an annual festival. The cinema will feature a projection booth specially equipped with film projectors for screening S8mm, 16mm and 35mm film prints.

In order to start renovation works in September, Navire Argo is seeking public support to reach an expected opening date around the end of 2024. They are now seeking to raise €50,000 in France, plus another €50,000 from abroad, for a total of €100,000 that will help complete the funding round and enable the renovations to commence.

Find out more on the website of Navire Argo and in this article on the website of Kodak.

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