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Cavalo dinheiro

Publication on the occasion of Zéro de conduite: Cavalo dinheiro in collaboration with Courtisane.

Zéro de conduite supports, produces and presents the work of documentary filmmakers Gerard-Jan Claes, Elias Grootaers and Olivia Rochette. The name is a reference to Jean Vigo’s eponymous film made in 1933, a lyrical ode to youthful rebellion.

  • Introduction Zéro de conduite


  • Fragments from interviews with Pedro Costa on Cavalo dinheiro [Horse Money]

    Various authors | 2014, 2015


  • Cavalo dinheiro

    Jacques Rancière | 2015

    Dutch and French

Publication compiled by Gerard-Jan Claes and Elias Grootaers

Copy editing
Veva Leye

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Renaldo Candreva

Many thanks to
Raymond Bellour, Beursschouwburg, Concreta Journal, Stoffel Debuysere, Ruben Desiere, Dieter Diependaele, Martin Grennberger, Helena Kritis, Veva Leye, Nuria Enguita Mayo, Pieter-Paul Mortier, Stefan Ramstedt, Jacques Rancière, Olivia Rochette, Trafic and Nefer Vanden Bulcke