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Pas de deux. The Cinema of Anne-Marie Miéville

Compiled on the occasion of a retrospective film programme organized by CINEMATEK and Courtisane in Brussels (4 - 30 October 2018), this publication aims to provide a summary of the trajectory of Anne-Marie Miéville on the basis of a series of texts and interviews that were produced between 1984 and 2018. The French and English versions of these texts are brought together here for the first time.

  • Introduction

    Stoffel Debuysere, Gerard-Jan Claes | 2018

  • Making a Film

    Interview by Danièle Hibon | 1998

  • How Can I Love

    Alain Bergala | 1984

  • The End of a Childhood

    Alain Bergala | 1985

  • The Cinema of Marie

    Jacques Rancière | 1998

  • “We need to talk about what we know”

    Interview by Danièle Heymann | 1989

  • “To try and live together”

    Anne-Marie Miéville | 1988

  • Notes on the Subject

    Jacques Aumont | 1998

  • The Fissure

    Laure Adler | 1998

  • “Art has long helped the world to live”

    Interview by Janine Euvrard | 1995

  • Like a Flower

    Jean-Michel Frodon | 1994

  • Coupled with her Film

    Interview by Jean-Michel Frodon | 1994

  • Lou n’a pas dit non: (Enthusiastic) Notes from a Diary

    Dominique Païni | 1994

  • Letter to Anne-Marie Miéville

    Freddy Buache | 1998 

  • Reserving the Top Spot for Words

    Jean-Michel Frodon | 1997

  • “When Godard accepted the role, I knew he wasn’t trying to put on a show”

    Interview by Jean-Michel Frodon | 1997

  • Barren Times

    Interview by Olivier Séguret and Anne Diatkine | 1997

  • Non-compliance with the Prevailing Circumstances

    Freddy Buache | 1997

  • Letter to Anne-Marie Miéville

    Jean-Claude Biette | 2002

  • Life in Four Voices

    Olivier Séguret | 2000

  • “Jean-Luc insisted on acting”

    Interview by Olivier Séguret and Philippe Azoury | 2000

  • Quartet for a Morning After Smile

    Jean-Michel Frodon | 2000

  • Letter to Anne-Marie Miéville

    Jean-Luc Godard | 1985

  • The Partition of Anne-Marie

    Marie Anne Guerin | 2018

Publication compiled by
Gerard-Jan Claes and Stoffel Debuysere

Pepa De Maesschalck

Sis Matthé (except where noted)

Copy editing
Rebecca Jane Arthur, Céline Brouwez, Margaux Dauby, Sis Matthé

Gunther Fobe

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Thanks to
Fabrice Aragno, Philippe Azoury, Jacques Aumont, Raymond Bellour, Alain Bergala, Freddy Buache, Bruno Dequen (24 Images), Anne Diatkine, Jean-Michel Frodon, Julien Gester, Marcy Goldberg, Marie Anne Guerin, Danièle Heymann, Danièle Hibon, Anne-Marie Miéville, Lætitia Moukouri (Jeu de Paume), Marcel Müller (Swiss Films), Dominique Païni, Jacques Rancière, André Schäublin (Cinémathèque Suisse), Olivier Séguret, Michael Witt, Jerry White