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Poster on the occasion of Subbacultcha’s fifth birthday celebration during which Sabzian screened Sleep (Andy Warhol, 1964) on 16 mm. The screening was a collaboration between Beursschouwburg, Subbacultcha and Sabzian.

  • Poster with image from Sleep (Andy Warhol, 1964)

  • On the première of Sleep

    Jonas Mekas | 1964


  • Movie Journal

    Jonas Mekas | 1964


  • The ’60s Without Compromise: Watching Warhol’s Films

    Thom Andersen | 2005


Poster edited by Hannes Verhoustraete

Copy editing
Veva Leye

Design by
Renaldo Candreva

At the occasion of Subbacultcha’s fifth anniversary

Many thanks to
Gerard-Jan Claes, Ruben Desiere, Elias Grootaers, Adrian Martin, Olivia Rochette, Els Van Riel, Stefanie Van Rompaey, Benjamin Verhoeven and Art Cinema OFFoff