Milestones: Windschaduw

Milestones: Windschaduw
With an introduction by Ruben Demasure

Together with Art Cinema OFFoff, Sabzian is organizing an evening dedicated to the idiosyncratic, Dutch filmmaker Frans van de Staak (1943−2001). We are screening Windschaduw [Windshade] (1986), a film that has not yet been digitized and can only be seen in its original 16mm format.

Windschaduw focuses on a man and woman packing, going away, arriving at their destination, packing again, and going back to square one. The film is constructed around two poems by Gerrit Kouwenaar – ​‘Tijden’ and ​‘Aire’ from his 1982 collection Het blindst van de vlek. Kouwenaar reads his own verse off-screen.

13 May 2024 - 23 May 2024
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