Temps mort

Temps Mort is one of IICADOM’s (The International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People’s Memories) categories used to designate the archival material collected from the end of the film stock, which content was the result from the amateur film maker’s need to fill the film roll to the end before sending it for processing. In effect a way of killing time, these images do not depict the ‘unique’ moments of which the archive mainly consists, but commonplace, banal scenes.


“Among the large body of found-footage films that reflect on the fleeting nature of moving images and memories, Rigole’s work is notable for the manner in which it references the workings of official archives to help shape a fictional archive. This practice supports the concept that any archive, real or fictional, is knowable only according to the particular situations in which they are used. What users do with archives is as crucial as how they are constructed: both processes are manifestations of the urge to collect and select. Rigole’s work is ultimately defined by his investigation of the archive as a creative site: collection and selection become a creative activity, and the language and signs of the archive are used for their artistic potential rather than their original function.”

Gerda Cammaer1

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