Terminal Norte

Terminal Norte
North Terminal

During the 2020 lockdown, Lucrecia Martel returns to home in Salta, Argentina. She follows Julieta Laso who, like a muse, introduces her to a group of female artists and defiant people who exchange glances and opinions around a fire. The film was part of the Berlinale Special Programme 2022.


“[...] there is a sense of being on the periphery of the world in a way that is simultaneously real, symbolic and political. Now working in a documentary format, Martel immerses herself and gets lost in Julieta Laso’s hoarse, seductive voice. And then, in a progression that has become a familiar trademark for Martel's work, the “I” of the protagonist opens up to encounter a plethora of voices and bodies which the camera never tires of following. The result is a gripping tribute to a community that serves as a temporary antidote to the pandemic.”

This article was originally published on Berlinale, 2022.

UPDATED ON 13.11.2023