Venus Delta

Venus Delta

Organic rock formations, reflecting water surfaces, women’s body parts, wavy hair, golden balls: In a surreal, dreamlike still life, Venus Delta senses something specifically cinematic: continual motion. Every take, every cut is a reference to its time-based nature, to becoming and passing. An auratic-erotic film body – a mysterious revelation.


“In Zwirchmayr’s short film Venus Delta a sequence of dreamlike scenes unfolds quietly. Set in an otherworldly layered landscape of rock formations by a pristine mountain spring, an atmosphere of eerie feminity pervades the images. Round, golden objects of unknown origin lie scattered about mysteriously. Somehow they seem connected to or springing from a nearly motionless young woman whose face is hidden behind a voluptuous, almost menacingly grand, mass of hair. Seen only in fragments and shot from odd angles, the body remains anonymous at all times. A surreal quality infests these visually sumptuous quasi-still lifes, accentuating barely noticeable tensions between human form and nature, body and object, between male and female forces in minute details.”

Julia Dossi1

UPDATED ON 29.03.2024