Âge d’or

This year, Âge d'or takes the shape of a weekend (September 18-20), during which three young researchers and artists propose a series of programs. The weekend is part of CINEMATEK’s commemoration of the 100th birthday of Jacques Ledoux, the co-founder and curator of the Royal Belgian Film Archive who also coined the label ‘Âge d'or’.

On Saturday, researcher Kathy Vanhout gives a talk about the Antwerp collective ‘Filmgroep 58’ that united some experimental poets, musicians and filmmakers. She'll focus on the short film Essentieel (Jos Pustjens, Jef Verheyen & Paul De Vree, 1964), which is part of the film program alongside other work by Jos Pustjens, Harry Kümel and Herman Wuyts.

The same day, filmmaker Maxime Jean-Baptiste proposes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the French film distribution cooperative, Collectif Jeune Cinéma (CJC), by way of a two-part program of films from the 70s that explore the body and were screened at the Festival du Jeune Cinéma de Hyères but not at the EXPRMNTL Festival – including work by Marguerite Duras and Babette Mangolte. He invites filmmaker Théo Deliyannis of CJC to introduce the programs.

On Saturday and Sunday, Estelle Labes presents part of her artistic research on silence, visual language and performance in four programs, including films by Annick Leroy, Jasper Rigole, Larry Gottheim, Harun Farocki, and also HOPPLA! (1989), the film by Wolfgang Kolb on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Bartók choreographies.

You can find the full program here. An Âge d’or Weekend Pass (€25/€12,5) can be purchased in the ticket shop on the website of CINEMATEK.


Image: EHKO (Annick Leroy, 1976, 18')

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