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On 26 July 2017, Australian film critic Adrian Martin launched his archive website, bringing together forty years of his writing on film, mostly film reviews and short essays. The website provides access to more than 2300 texts, and every two weeks five pieces are uploaded – older pieces unavailable elsewhere, often reworked; plus new texts exclusive to the site.

Adrian Martin: “It is, essentially, a collection of my film reviews and short essays written over a period of over forty years, in many different styles and originally for many sorts of publications and occasions (newspapers, radio, specialist magazines, unpublished notes, online journals, classroom handouts, etc) in many countries of the world. It currently contains around 2,300 entries, but there are at least 1,000 more that are ready to be entered into the site – as well as all the new entries I am writing now, and into the future.”

The website comes with an associated Patreon campaign to help fund the website’s continued existence and Martin’s future writing. If you want to support him, you can find all the necessary information here.

“So this is what I seek your help and support for, via Patreon: not to initially build the website ... but to maintain it on a regular basis, and continually add to it, not only with old pieces, but new ones as well. For that, I need some time and energy that will not be a ‘waste’; I need the website itself to be a help in earning a (very) modest, freelance living. For this support via Patreon, I am offering exclusive Rewards that comprise booklets in PDF form, ranging from 10 to 100 pages each, featuring long essays by me that are either unpublished, or extremely hard to access in print, on topics ranging from cinephilia and film criticism to surrealism and film theory.”

Sabzian has published two texts by Adrian Martin: “Cinephilia as War Machine” (also available in French and Dutch) and “A Skeleton Key to Histoire(s) du cinéma” (also available in Dutch), and two translations: “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans” by Thierry Kuntzel and “The Image” by Pierre Reverdy.

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