Games People Play: The Cinema of Matías Piñeiro
Fri 3 Nov 2017, 14:30

“Matías Piñeiro (Buenos Aires, 1982) doesn’t try to hide what influences him artistically, but at the same time he makes sure that the sum is bigger than the parts – his microbudget films are anything but simple pastiche or homage. This symposium proposes to delve into those influences and how they shape Piñeiro’s layered cinema, starting with an examination of his affinity with Eric Rohmer’s sense of narrative and spatial architecture, and with Jacques Rivette’s penchant for games and mysteries, via his adaptation or re-interpretation of various comedies by William Shakespeare, to his position within the New Argentine Cinema. A talk with the director himself on his observational style and mix of both classical and modernist narrative strategies will conclude the symposium.” 



10:00 – Welcome

10:15 – Viola (2012) - 65’

11:30 – ‘All Originals’: Translation, Repetition, and Appropriation in the Films of Matías

Piñeiro – Richard Misek

12:30 – Lunch break

13:30 – L’illusion comique: Piñeiro and (Classical?) Comedy – Tom Paulus

14:30 – La princesa de Francia [The Princess of France] (2014) - 67’

15:45 – Coffee break

16:00 – Revisiting ‘New Argentine Cinema’ through Matías Piñeiro’s Work – Clara Garavelli

17:00 – Q&A with Matías Piñeiro

18:00 – End


This symposium is organised by CINEA and held on the occasion of Piñeiro’s retrospective and carte blanche, organized by CINEMATEK and Courtisane. Piñeiro will be present to discuss his work on 4, 5 and 6 November. On 4 november he will have a talk with Stoffel Debuysere after the screening of his most recent film Hermia and Helena.