Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Stones are both one of the most fundamental and overlooked building blocks of our world. When a retired nature documentary narrator begins to examine her kidney stone, she decides to tell one last story about this forgotten world of stone.


“The narrator wants to unravel the secrets behind the stone. What starts as a story about someone with a commonplace affliction turns into an essay on ecology, loss and the mystery of things. At certain points, the voice-over interacts with characters in the film. That’s a break from usual narrative convention but again lends a gently ironic note. This is an eco-documentary but it isn’t one of those earnest affairs like An Inconvenient Truth which lectures viewers on the dangers of climate change. Instead, Benoot is trying to provoke audiences to look at environmental issues from a new perspective. ‘Humour is always a great connector to make people think about things they haven’t thought about before.’”

Geoffrey Macnab1

UPDATED ON 06.05.2024