DoUndo / recycling G

DoUndo / recycling G

An audio­vi­su­al work com­po­sed of dif­fe­rent lay­ers that beco­me visi­ble due to manu­al chan­ges of light. The hot air on a lands­ca­pe’s hori­zon shim­mers in tune with the vio­la tones.


DoUndo / recycling G is a dialogue starting from the question: what layer can be added to the rich sound layers of given viola tones. My answer is an image, composed with different layers only visible due to changes of light. At my turn I want to ask a question back to the viola: does my image touch another sensitive string? The viola, if she wants, takes over the sound again, changes it, and keeps the dialogue alive.”

Els van Riel

UPDATED ON 27.02.2024