Films byTexts by 2006
Makino Takashi, 2006, 23’

This abstract work is composed of multiple images of light reflecting on a surface of the water.

Sarah Vanagt, 2006, 15’

Large parts of Goma were covered with lava after the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano in January 2002. Today kids live in the ruins on the lava. They sell paper hankies to grown-ups in the city, and lava rocks to construction builders.

Naomi Kawase, 2006, 38’

Naomi Kawase raises her voice in anger, blaming her foster mother for threatening to abandon her as a young girl.

Pierre-Marie Goulet, 2006, 105’

Enchanted by the songs of the inhabitants of Peroguarda in the southern Portuguese region of Alentejo, the young Portuguese poet António Reis, the Corsican researcher of Portuguese folk music Michel Giacometti and the film-maker Paulo Rocha respectively visited the village in the late 1950s.

David Lynch, 2006, 180’

As an actress begins to adopt the persona of her character in a film, her world becomes nightmarish and surreal.


So strange, what love does

When youre all alone 

Strange, what flies with ghosts of love


Conversation EN

Michael Mann was one of the first filmmakers working in Hollywood to embrace the digital. After earlier experiments with HD in Collateral (2004) and Ali (2001), Mann resolutely opts for the digital format in his 2006 Miami Vice. In this interview, Miami Vice’s cinematographer Dion Beebe explains that the choice of digital came not from practical concerns but through an experimental search, guided by Mann’s intent of the film. The interview bears witness to this turning point in film history where digital cinema still had to come to terms with itself, still had to start believing in its own possibilities.

Michael Mann, 2006, 132’

This adaptation from the iconic TV series focuses on vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs as their respective personal and professional lives become dangerously intertwined.


Colossal Youth
Pedro Costa, 2006, 156’

Ventura, a Cape Verdean laborer living in the outskirts of Lisbon, is suddenly abandoned by his wife Clotilde. Ventura feels lost between the dilapidated old quarter where he spent the last 34 years and his new lodgings in a recently-built low-cost housing complex.

Kelly Reichardt, 2006, 76’

Two old friends, Mark and Kurt, embark on a weekend trip to connect, and they can’t. They miss the opportunity to express what they might want to express to each other. They can’t articulate what they want to say. – Kelly Reichardt


Valeska Grisebach, 2006, 88’

“Even during shooting, it’s important to me to keep my eyes open for that which enters from outside: to seek out coincidence and to confront the story with it.

Marine Hugonnier, 2006, 24’

“What exactly is encountered on this journey? Hugonnier exposes herself to the risk of traveling to an ‘exotic’ location and returning with trophy souvenirs of the other, and handles it with tact.

Woman on the Beach
Hong Sang-soo, 2006, 127’

“In Hong’s latest, Woman on the Beach, which is something of a career summation, his self-reproach takes on a more mordant tone.

Article NL
John Berger 2006
Vertaald door

La rabbia is een film van liefde. En toch is zijn luciditeit vergelijkbaar met die in Kafka’s aforisme: “Het Goede is, in zekere zin, troosteloos.”

Dat is waarom Pasolini als een engel was.