Fem dage for freden

Fem dage for freden
Five Days For Peace
Nils Vest, 1973, 37’

“In June 1973, NATO holds a ministerial meeting in Copenhagen. During the day of the meeting, divisions of soldiers appear in the street scene, where they observe and fight NATO’s ‘inner enemies’ with remarkable zeal. In the evening, there is a party in Ekcerserhallen on the boatmen’s bars at Christianshavn, where the soldiers are accommodated. At first, people realize that they are not real soldiers, but the theater group Solvognen, who - based in Christiania - demonstrates in its own unconventional way against the bargains NATO has prepared for all member-states. The theater group SOLVOGNEN started in 1969 as a sound and light collective. In 1972, it transformed and expanded into a real theater group, with the launch of the ‘COMMUNITY’ in Copenhagen Town Hall Square during the large anti-EF demonstration on October 1. Since then, a number of street theater actions followed, the group dissolved in 1983.”

Nils Vest

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