Films byTexts by Nils Vest
Five Days For Peace
Nils Vest, 1973, 37’

“In June 1973, NATO holds a ministerial meeting in Copenhagen. During the day of the meeting, divisions of soldiers appear in the street scene, where they observe and fight NATO’s ‘inner enemies’ with remarkable zeal.

Law & Order in Christiania 1
Nils Vest, 1974, 8’

“In the spring of 1974, the bourgeois government, with Defense Minister Brøndum, planned a veritable campaign against the newly established sanctuary Christiania. No less than 60 houses would have been demolished, with the grounds that they were flammable and in poor construction condition.

Law & Order in Christiania 2
Nils Vest, 2003, 28’

“The new film about Christiania in the spring of 2003, where the government threatens the sanctuary with closure, and where the Christians are mobilizing.