State of Cinema 2019 / Claudio Pazienza

State of Cinema 2019 / Claudio Pazienza
Dolgie provody [The Long Farewell]

Last year, by analogy with similar initiatives in other art forms, Sabzian created a new yearly tradition: Sabzian invites a guest to write a State of Cinema and to choose an accompanying film. Once a year, the art of film is held against the light: a speech that challenges cinema, calls it to account, points the way or refuses to define it, puts it to the test and on the line, summons or embraces it, praises or curses it. A plea, a declaration, a manifest, a programme, a testimony, a letter, an apologia or maybe even an indictment. In any case, a call to think about what cinema means, could mean or should mean today.

After the beautiful first edition with Sarah Vanagt, Sabzian is honoured to welcome filmmaker Claudio Pazienza for the State of Cinema 2019. He has chosen Dolgie provody [The Long Farewell] (1971) by Kira Muratova.

This evening is a collaboration between Sabzian and CINEMATEK. Tickets are now available on the website of CINEMATEK.


Claudio Pazienza (1962) has a degree in European Ethnology (ULB - 1985). He started his activities as an independent filmmaker in 1986 by making short fiction films, creative documentaries, and essays. His cinema merrily mixes research and experiments. He has made about a dozen films, including Sottovoce (1993), Tableau avec chutes (1997), Esprit de bière (2000), Scènes de chasse au sanglier (2007), Archipels Nitrate (2009). He is a regular guest in several film schools (Femis - Paris; Louis Lumière - Paris; L’école du doc - Lussas, France; Université Pompeu Fabra - Barcelone; IAD - Louvain-La-Neuve). You will find more information on his website.


After the State of Cinema Sabzian invites you to Some Came Dancing, a small party at Beurscafé.

08 Mar 2019 - 08 Mar 2019
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