Films byTexts by 1971
Nicolas Roeg, 1971, 100’

“The script was fourteen or fifteen pages long. It was nothing of it, I had to do a lot on the script before presenting it to some money-people.

The Long Farewell
Kira Muratova, 1971, 97’

“Muratova contrived to make the first non-Soviet – not to be confused with anti- Soviet – films in the history of our cinema...They began the ‘long farewell’ of Soviet cinema.”

Andrei Plakhov


Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1971, 111’

Pasolini’s obsession was with finding a world outside of all the commodifications of capitalism, including, prominently, the bodily.

Jacques Tati, 1971, 96’

“Comedians are often our best historians of the present because they are at once intensely invested in and poorly adapted to their moment, at one and yet out of sync with their surroundings and situation.