Travelog. porträtt – bilder från en resa

Travelog. porträtt – bilder från en resa
Travelogue. Portraits - Images From a Journey

Travelogue. Portraits – Images from a journey is a black-and-white travel journal, in which the themes of memories and their relationship to the past suddenly catch up and rush away from us. The film is based on a series of portraits of American artists (including Alfred Leslie, Lowell Nesbit, Robert Nelson and Edward Kienholz), all of whom belong to a young and politicized generation, presented in static tableaus from their studios, films and home environments. The artists are portayed without commentary or system. They are linked like stops along a journey from New York to California in this unpolished and rough road movie, where shaky handheld camera shots of oilfields, highways, landscapes, towns and billboards stream by outside the car window.”

Daniel A. Swarthnas

UPDATED ON 29.09.2018