Of Sea and Soil. The Cinema of Tsuchimoto Noriaki and Ogawa Shinsuke

On the occasion of the film programmes dedicated to Ogawa Shinsuke and Ogawa Pro at CINEMATEK (April 1 – May 5, 2019) and Tsuchimoto Noriaki at Courtisane Festival (April 3 – 7, 2019), the publication Of Sea and Soil: The Cinema of Tsuchimoto Noriaki and Ogawa Shinsuke will be available at Courtisane festival and CINEMATEK. This English publication – compiled, edited and published by Sabzian, Courtisane and CINEMATEK – aims to trace the trajectories of Ogawa Shinsuke and Tsuchimoto Noriaki, who film critic Hasumi Shigehiko respectively called “the filmmaker of the soil” and “the filmmaker of the sea”. The publication has taken the form of a scrapbook which assembles a patchwork of writings, quotes and interviews that we were able to track down and translate, with the help of numerous other “amateurs” who admire and cherish the work of these two filmmakers.


Stoffel Debuysere, Elias Grootaers | 2019


Ogawa Shinsuke and Postwar Japanese Documentary

Markus Nornes | 2007, 2019

Cinematographic and Political Activities of a Committed Filmmaker

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1975

Statement on The Battle Front for the Liberation of Japan – Summer in Sanrizuka

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1968

Statement on Sanrizuka – Peasants of the Second Fortress 

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1971

What Kind of Man Is Ogawa Shinsuke?

Tsuchimoto Noriaki | 1968

Time in a Village Tirelessly Under Surveillance

Ogawa Pro | 1972

The Struggle Has Not Finished Yet 

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1972

A Letter Before Death

Sannomiya Fumio | 1971

The Image That Is Captured Is Guided by the Relationship Between the One Who Is Filmed and the One Who Films. An Interview with Yumoto Mareo 

Kouni Kazuhiko | 1975

Rice Production, the Village of Furuyashiki and the People in the Film

Ogawa Pro | 1981

Living Like a Peasant Among Peasants. An Interview with Ogawa Shinsuke

Andrée Tournès | 1984

The Relationship Between Seeing and Not Seeing

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1986

Documentary’s Sense of Reality

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1987

Documenting the Heart and Soul of the People Who Tell Stories

Ogawa Shinsuke | 1987

The Sundial Carved with a Thousand Years of Notches – The Magino Village Story. An Interview with Ogawa Shinsuke

Regula Köni | 1987

The Documentary Imprinted Into the Body. Fragments from a Conversation Between Ogawa Shinsuke and Photographer Naitō Masatoshi


When Serge Daney Met Ogawa Shinsuke

Serge Daney | 1989

The Theater of a Thousand Years

Markus Nornes | 1997

Otsu Koshiro in Conversation with Katō Takanobu



Tsuchimoto Noriaki and Environment in Documentary Film

Aaron Gerow | 2019

Showing Is Not Enough. An Interview with Tsuchimoto Noriaki

Aaron Gerow and Yasui Yoshio | 1995

“Can I Eat, Die, and Love There?”. My Private and Cinematic Experiences in a Different Culture

Tsuchimoto Noriaki | 1992

Statement on Minamata – The Victims and Their World

Tsuchimoto Noriaki | 1972

On Minamata. An Interview with Tsuchimoto Noriaki

Gérard Langlois | 1972

Setting Out for Documentary’s Virgin Territory

Tsuchimoto Noriaki | 1986

An Exchange of Letters

Tsuchimoto Noriaki and Claude Lanzmann | 1996

Hand-to-Hand. An Interview with Tsuchimoto Noriaki

Éric Vidal | 1999

Notes on the Struggle for the Sea. On Umitori – The Stolen Sea at Shimokita Peninsula

Tsuchimoto Noriaki | 1985

When Movies Are Born

Tsuchimoto Motoko | 2019

My Kind of Fire

John Gianvito | 2019

Publication compiled by
Stoffel Debuysere, Elias Grootaers and Quinten Wyns

Sis Matthé, Giulia Galvan, Ingeborg Verplancke, Lisa Spilliaert, Geert van Bremen, Yuichiro Onuma, Annelies Smet, Britt Stuckens and Aaron Vande Mergel

Copy editing
Rebecca Jane Arthur and Sis Matthé

Patrice Deweer

Printed by
Grafikon NV , Flin Graphic Group

Thanks to
Ricardo Matos Cabo, Tsuchimoto Motoko, John Gianvito, Markus Nornes, Aaron Gerow, Oki Masaharu (Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival), Matsumoto Toshio (Athenée Français Tokyo), Kubota Yuri (Japan Foundation), Yamagami Sakiko (Siglo), Sato Tokue (Kanatasha), Ikoma Yuki (Embassy of Japan in Belgium), Quinten Wyns, Ingeborg Verplancke, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Lisa Spilliaert, Annelies Smet, Tom Arents, Britt Stuckens, Aaron Vande Mergel, Geert van Bremen, Yuichiro Onuma, Nele Noppe, Luk Van Haute