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Wang Bing. Filming a Land in Flux

On the occasion of the Wang Bing focus program at the Courtisane festival (March 28 - April 1, 2018) and the subsequent program at CINEMATEK (April 2 - 5, 2018), the publication Wang Bing. Filming a Land in Flux will be available at Courtisane festival and CINEMATEK. This modest English publication – compiled, edited and published by Sabzian, Courtisane and CINEMATEK – aims to trace Wang Bing’s trajectory by way of a series of writings and interviews that were published between 2009 and 2017. From Luc Sante’s account of the “panoramic spectacle of progress collapsing” in West of the Tracks to Wang Bing’s written treatment for Past in the Present, they accompany the ongoing ventures of a filmmaker who has taken on the invaluable task of weaving a map of this other China, to film the trials and tribulations of a land in flux.

  • Introduction

    Stoffel Debuysere, Gerard-Jan Claes | 2018

  • The Great Leap Backwards

    Luc Sante | 2009

  • Filming a Land in Flux

    In Conversation with New Left Review | 2013

  • West of the Tracks: Continuing the Journey

    Jean-Louis Comolli | 2013

  • Fengming, Anchor of China

    In Conversation with Julien Gester | 2012

  • Fire in Every Shot: Wang Bing’s Three Sisters

    Thom Andersen | 2012

  • “Those that work the most don’t own anything”

    In Conversation with Didier Péron | 2014

  • The Denied Identity of the Nameless Voices

    Eugenio Renzi | 2013

  • Alors, la Chine

    In Conversation with Emmanuel Burdeau and Eugenio Renzi | 2014

  • “A certain freedom in life”

    In Conversation with Michael Guarneri and Jin Wang | 2017

  • Vertical Cinema, Horizontal Cinema

    Emmanuel Burdeau | 2017

  • Inner and Outer Space

    In Conversation with Daniel Kasman and Christopher Small | 2017

  • Past in the Present. Director’s Statement

    Wang Bing | 2012

Publication compiled by
Gerard-Jan Claes and Stoffel Debuysere

Michael Blanga-Gubbay, Cindy Carter, Veva Leye, Sis Matthé and C. Penwarden

Copy editing
Rebecca Jane Arthur and Sis Matthé

Patrice Deweer

Printed by
Grafikon NV , Flin Graphic Group

Thanks to
Thom Andersen, Kheya Bag (New Left Review), Emmanuel Burdeau, Jean-Louis Comolli, Julien Gester, Michael Guarneri, Daniel Kasman, Mark Peranson (Cinema Scope), Didier Péron, Eugenio Renzi, Christopher Small, Luc Sante, Jin Wang