No is E

No is E

This abstract work is composed of multiple images of light reflecting on a surface of the water. With acoustic noisy music, grains of light move like a swarm of microorganisms. This world of light, which gradually swells, stretching out as if trying to cover the screen, gives us the sense that the universe is moving from microscosmos to macrocosmos and stimulates the viewer's imagination.


“I think his soundtracks are critical to my work. He knows about the contrast between image and sound. For example, in On Generation and Corruption, I explained to him why I made the film and how I made it, and also wrote a sort of graphic score and explained what was happening in this abstraction and what kind of things I had shot. That’s it. I always get surprised, even though we have already collaborated in… seven films maybe? (Eight if we include the installation/performance). He uses a different approach every time, different instruments… In our first collaboration, No is E, he used a guitar and many electronic devices, and in our second collaboration he only used analog synthesizers, making a lot of noise. In the third he played the piano and cello and some percussion instruments that he created himself. In the fourth collaboration he played a very strong free jazz composition with Chris Corsano and Darin Gray. Then on the fifth time he used synthesizers again.”

Makino Takashi1

UPDATED ON 08.05.2023