Shikan ni tsuite

Shikan ni tsuite
On Eye Rape

Educational film discovered in a bin became raw material for On Eye Rape, where a hole-puncher was applied to individual frames in a bold statement against censorship.



“A found educational film about the sex of plants and animals was punched with big holes in almost every frame throughout the film by myself and an artist friend Natsuyuki Nakanishi who found the film in a garbage. At several points there are inserts of a few frames of a pornographic photo (which would work on a subliminal sense) in which the sex part was covered by black. The film is an irony and at the same time a protest against sex censorship in Japan at the time in which pornographic scenes had to be covered by black. At the end we even punched holes in these subliminal pictures, thereby ‘censoring’ the censored image.”

Takahiko Iimura1

  • 1Masaaki Hirakata, catalogue Meta Media, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 1995.
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