“What kind of futures can be read in the impersonal fragments of our reality? It’s a question that inevitably gains attention and importance when it’s posed to those who the future, pre-eminently, belongs to. Already in her debut film, Little Figures (2003), Sarah Vanagt gauged the historical imagination of children by inviting immigrant children to improvise an imaginary conversation between three historical figures, immortalized as statues, in Brussels. Fifteen years and many transformations later, she decided to reverse the question and ask children to read the future in the elusive imprints of their city. Onto countless abstract patterns, brought to life with the help of an old magic lantern, children from Brussels, Athens and Sarajevo project their own impressions, dreams and fears. The result is a form of ‘magical reading’, as the perception of unforeseen correspondences and constellations that confront us with the undercurrent of the present.”