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Dear readers,

Seven years ago we launched, an online film magazine. As a group of young film makers, we thought a new platform for film criticism — multilingual but with a focus on Dutch texts and translations, and attention to the practice of filmmaking, in constant dialogue with film history — was absolutely necessary. 

Today, Sabzian has grown into an exceptional collection of texts, all with the common trait that they treat cinema as an art form above all, not as mere entertainment. Sabzian publishes articles, interviews, dossiers, translates texts, compiles a film agenda, publishes notes on film news, organises events and film screenings, issues publications, ... 

With the exception of the printed publications, all texts and information are accessible free of charge. Since its inception, Sabzian's website and operations have also expanded considerably. Although Sabzian is financed by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and the Flemish Community Commission, its current funding level is not sufficient to support further growth. The platform relies on the work of a group of volunteers, mainly filmmakers who put a lot of time into developing and maintaining the website and its content.  

Hence this appeal for financial support for Sabzian’s operations. Every contribution can help us maintain quality and offers means to pay for volunteer work. The existence of a freely accessible platform for quality film criticism helps ensure that a lively film culture can develop in a broader sense. 

On this page you can find an overview of the different options to support our work. Support Sabzian with a one-off free contribution or support Sabzian more structurally and become a Supporter or Patron with an annual contribution.    

Thank you for your support! 

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