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Philippe Garrel, 1968, 67’

A 4-year-old child is the element from and around which the action develops, and brings sentiments and emotions to light. The French word “révélateur” describes the procedure to develop or “reveal” film negatives.


Philippe Garrel, 1974, 82’

This silent film consists of a series of fragmentary moments featuring three women (Jean Seberg, Tina Aumont and Nico) and, occasionally, a man (Laurent Terzieff) in an apartment. Moments from daily life: conversations, psychodramas.

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The Cinémathèque française presents an exceptional series of retrospectives of the work of Robert Kramer, Kira Mouratova, Nicholas Ray, Philippe Garrel and Guy Debord.

Philippe Garrel, 2005, 183’

Cinema Scope: In Les amants réguliers, a very subjective, very personal take on May 1968, your son Louis plays a 20-year-old guy getting caught up in an unexpected revolution. You were 20 in 1968 as well. How autobiographical is this film?

Philippe Garrel, 2017, 76’

“In fact, much of Lover for a Day is built on rhyming schemes that permutate different arrangements of characters into the same type of situation: side-by-side conversations framed in close two-shot; people walking and talking in the street; even certain sex positions recur.