Charles Dekeukeleire on Avila

Recently Belgian streamingplatform Avila released a new collection dedicated to the short experimental work of Belgian film pioneer Charles Dekeukeleire. The collection consists of three of his earliest experimental films in which Dekeukeleire explored how cinematic “reality” is constructed: Combat de boxe (1927), Impatience (1928) and White Flame (1930). Additionally, Histoire de détective (1929), a seemingly classical detective story in which the subjective camera eye gradually claims the leading role, and The Evil Eye (1937), Dekeukeleire’s first narrative film in which he combines rural mysticism and avant-garde camera techiques to forge an uncanny love story, are also part of the collection.

All five films were restored by CINEMATEK.

The Evil Eye (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1937)

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