Visite Film Festival 2021

This August, the biannual Visite Film Festival, hosted by De Imagerie, returns to Het Bos in Antwerp for two consecutive weeks. The festival shows unique films, from both promising as of more established names from the documentary, political and experimental film landscape. The program, which is curated by Eva van Tongeren and invited filmmakers, consists of presented work by the artists and inspiring films by other filmmakers they bring along to invite dialogue with the public. Prior to each screening, a vegetarian dinner is also served. The screenings start at 20h30, with room for discussion until midnight. You can find the program here.

This year’s edition will be in the presence of Dusica Drazic, Wim Janssen, Els Opsomer, Annik Leroy, Rosine Mbakam, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Eva Giolo, Ben De Raes, Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, Eric Baudelaire & Babeth M. Vanloo.

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