Cézanne – Dialogue avec Joachim Gasquet

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Cézanne – Dialogue avec Joachim Gasquet

An exchange of memories spanning over 250 years interweaves everything from the philosophy of Empedocles to excerpts from Madame Bovary, to extant paintings by Cézanne, to the buildings of the artists' village at Mont Sainte-Victoire.


“Look at this mountain – it was once fire.”



“When I think of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet's Cézanne and in fact of all their films, two words come immediately to mind: artistic encounters. That for me is what epitomizes their approach and indeed their life's work. Or, as Straub once said: "Life is a series of encounters and chance meetings, and this holds true for our work; otherwise, it's worth nothing."”

Sally Shafto1

  • 1Sally Shafto, "Cézanne - Conversation with Joachim Gasquet," Balthazar, 2023.
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