Operai, contadini

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Operai, contadini
Workers, Peasants

A group of men and women of all generations have been brought together in the course of their travels after World War II, when Italy regained its national unity. Amid the ruins of this post-war period, the men and women who make up this community build a new rapport, both in their professional and daily lives. The group maintains a kind of diary.


“Gilles Deleuze remarked that your image is a ‘stone’ and your take is a ‘tomb’. The earth is abandoned and yet, as it were, it is filled with generations of corpses. When, for example, towards the end of Workers, Peasants (2001), you make a long sweeping pan across the hillside, the physical space comes across as being strangely humanised in the light of what was said beforehand. The hillside seems to be populated by people. Hence history becomes the humanization of nature. What is ‘human’ in this panning shot, and what is ‘nature’?”

Elke Marhöfer1

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