La guerre d’Algérie !

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La guerre d’Algérie !

Straub recounts his refusal to fight for France in the Algerian war.


“In mid-August 2014, Dimitri Haulet and I received a short text from Barbara, letting us know that Jean-Marie intended to make a film from it with Dimitri and me as both actors and technicians. Dimitri was going to be the sound operator; I was going to be the DOP. Could we answer anything but: yes? I remember we had only one rehearsal of the text and then we shot it in two days, October 3rd, and 4th, 2014. As the camera was in front of the window, it was impossible to control the light during the shooting. So, I had to do quite a bit of color grading afterward.”

Christophe Clavert1

  • 1Christophe Clavert, “La guerre d'Algérie !,” Balthazar, 2023.
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