La mort de Venise

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La mort de Venise

Commissioned by the Venice Film Festival for the omnibus film Future Reloaded


“SILENT FILM. "THE DEATH" – of cinematograph – of the Festival "OF VENICE" by Maurice Barrés:

In the French version (by Jean Renoir himself of "The Golden Coach", the most Italian of all Italian films, we hear exclaimed amid all the confusion: Death to the old and senile!

"At funerals one only hears words of astonishment that a mortal man has died" - Bossuet, says someone in the film "Rue de l'Estrapade" by Jacques Becker. 

Jean-Marie Straub1

  • 1Jean-Marie Straub, the subtitles for La Mort de Venise, Straub's contribution to the Venice Film Festival's omnibus Future Reloaded.
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