La France contre les robots

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La France contre les robots

A man wanders near the Léman reciting the critical thoughts of Bernanos.


“January 5, 1945. In Brazil, Georges Bernanos, a fighter of words against the Vichy regime, wrote La France contre les robots, published in 1946 by Édition France Libre with this copyright: "by Comité Central de la France Libre au Brésil." France: a country that owes the world a Revolution in line with that of 1789 and the Paris Commune; robots: industrial machines whose reign is at work in all political-economic regimes (Nazi, Fascist, capitalist, democratic, Communist). What was Bernanos' accusation against robots? The destruction of the relationship between human beings and nature; the replacement of a civilisation of the Word by a civilisation of the Number; Technology's confiscation of the term "Progress" at the expense of the ancient principle of moral progress.”

Nicole Brenez1

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