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Henri Storck, 1929, 15’

“Ephemeral, fleeting beauty on which the condensation of cinema imposes the living rhythm of dance. A retreating wave may leave ridges on the sand, but the wind will come and draw new geometrical forms.

Walter Ruttmann, 1929
Thu 7 Sep 2017, 20:00
Cinema Zuid, Antwerp
Walter Ruttmann, 1929, 49’

« Un film de montage du début du parlant où toute la terre était jetée sur l'écran en un puzzle d’images visuelles et sonores, l’une des toutes premières réussites du nouvel art. »

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What I know of cinema I have learned partly from the Russians, partly from the American westerns, and partly from Flaherty, of Nanook. The westerns give you some notions of the energies. The Russians give you the energies and the intimacies both. And Flaherty is a poet. The net effect of this cinematic upbringing was to make me want a storm: a real storm, an intimate storm, and if possible a rather noble storm.