Vitrine #98: The Dirk Lauwaert Collection

Dirk Lauwaert was an exceptional teacher, one of the greatest writers on culture in the Dutch language and the most amiable and generous of men. His collection of books comprises some eight thousand volumes on film, photography, fashion, fine arts, architecture, urbanism, semiotics, philosophy, … The collection is of inestimable value, not only because of the individual titles contained therein, but even more so because of the added value of intertextuality Dirk has bestowed upon it. Lauwaert passed away in 2013. In 2015, his family entrusted the book collection to Sint-Lukas Brussels as a long-term loan, with the express wish that it be made accessible to researchers.

‘Vitrine’ is a series of exhibitions in the display case near the library entrance of Sint-Lukas Brussels. Vitrine #98 wants to give a small impression of the immense riches of the Dirk Lauwaert Collection. From 20 September until 10 October, part of the collection is on show during the opening hours of the library.

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